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Brislexic and (learning to be) proud!

Hello! I am Claudia, people call me Claude, Claudz, Claudy, C.C. Greengrass, the snail lady and now Claudia Bristol.

I have had this blog for a couple of months, but have been putting off writing for a while and have been choosing to share my experiences only through Instagram, but today is the day that I say hello, break through this blog block and tell you some Bristol to Bristol stories.

Firstly, they won’t be in order, things maybe spelt wrong and may take a re-read to make sense of, but they will be beautiful stories of exchange and emergence that come from my Brislexic view of the world and the people that I meet in it.

I will also be experimenting with other ways of sharing these stories – video, sound bites and photos of my sketchbook. I’m very much open to suggestions, so if you have any ideals of how I can share the stories do feel free to drop me a message. (I will interpretive dance at some point in the new year!)

I’ll begin by telling you about my Brislexia. I found out I was dyslexic when I was 26. In some ways I was glad I didn’t have the label at school, but in others I felt a little cheated - years of maths anxiety, slow note taking, always having google open to check how to spell words, counting on my fingers as an adult and always wearing a watch started to make sense.

A big part of my Bristol to Bristol journey as well as meeting others has been about meeting myself and trying to find my creative voice. I have been lucky enough to be having free creative coaching with A Widening Field and have had the space, time and expertise of Mel as a guide in this Bristol to Bristol Brislexic journey.

In one of the coaching sessions with Mel I talked about how I was finding writing about my experience difficult, saying am I Bristolian? Or Dyslexic?…which is when the lightbulb came on, embracing both my dialect and language within my work. Writing Brislexic

Now that’s me out of the way....

The Bristol to Bristol story is very much about the amazing people that gave me souvenirs, time, coaching, time off work, gin, pizza, beer, a bed, friendship, kindness, inspiration, conversation, moral support, and a notebook full of ideas…

I will be sharing these over the next year.

Yours Brislexically

Claudia Bristol xoxo

P.S. I decided I was going to make a dyslexic logo to share on my blog, Instagram, email signature, body, Facebook etc... Like all good decisions I began with a Google search! I was excited to find that one already existed, so I emailed Rebecca from Dyslexia pqbd right away! It turns out she is from Richmond, Virginia a couple of hours away from Bristol, VA! (another reason I have to go back!) I am excited to be talking with Rebecca about sharing this beautiful symbol and spreading Dyslexia awareness with Bristol, UK within my creative practice.